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Google Earth Portal

Lnks to a collection of viewshed photographs that you can view interactively in their geographical setting using the Google Earth interface.

Athens City Viewsheds

The City of Athens most visible and beautiful viewsheds. Sunset
Sun setting over the Hocking River along the Ohio University the bike path at the west end of Athens, Ohio.

Viewsheds Within Three-Mile Limit

A development buffer zone within three miles of the Athens city limits containing scenic wooded hillsides along the Hocking River corridor and highway corridors.

Green Hills
Wooded hillside seen from US 50 overpass east of Athens.

Viewsheds Lost

Former scenic viewsheds that have been lost to "development" in the recent past. The one shown below was lost for the sake of a fill-dirt surface mine and inspired our group to form.

Harmony Clearcut
Harmony Road clearcut and pending surface mine across the Hocking River from Athens' shopping district.

Champion Trees in Athens City Limits

360 degree panoramas of large trees within Athens city limits. Some trees are recognized as Ohio state champions, some Athens county champions and some just contenders for the title. Champion trees are measured by a weighted combination of trunk diameter, height and crown spread. Learn more.

Black Oak
Large black oak along the Rockhouse trail behind East State street.

Champion Trees in Athens County

More 360 degree panoramas of champion (or contender) trees within Athens county, outside Athens city limits.

White Oak
Ohio state champion white oak near Millfield, OH.

Zaleski State Forest

Low resolution (sorry) images of prescribed burn areas conducted by the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) in the Zaleski state forest and monitored by the Buckeye Forest Council.

prescribed burn area
Prescribed burn area.